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The Job

We are a group of professionals in tourism, we have always done this work, we plan trips, we run hotels, we run restaurants, we give the best of us to ensure that the holidays of those who choose us are up to their expectations.  Possibly, that they are a little more.

This is our most gratifying goal, the one that makes us live our work positively every day. It gives us immense pleasure that you are here to read this brief presentation of us, of our profession, of our life. Thank you!

From January 2018 Weekends Holidays has been acquired by Next Business and Travel Group, Tour Operator in Rome, specialized in Incoming for the cities of art in Italy, for Groups and Individuals, and Outgoing in the main European cities.

The Passion

And then there is the passion. The passion for our land, whether it is Italy rather than the Sahara desert or the Maldives sea.

The Earth, mother of our lives, the spiritual and material essence of our existence, of which we too often forget, taken from the frenzy of everyday life. And then comes the desire for travel, the escape from the usual to go, who knows, where the unknown governs our minds and leads us to a deeper humanity, respectful of rules never written that still exist within us and that we often forget.

The journey, to find a small precious part of ourselves and pamper us in it. This is our thinking, our passion and we want to share it with you, people like us, people who have a kind soul, people who have a heart. People who respect their mother earth.


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